The IC Group, which rented the Bomonti Beer Factory for YTL 60 million in 2006 for a period of 49 years, has revised the amount of investment to be allocated for the project.
The company declared that it would invest $170 million right after it won the auction. However, IC Group has decided to increase this amount to $320 million as a result of incremental costs and changes in the project.
�We will start construction on the project, which encompasses accommodation centers along with a congress center and a shopping center, in 2009,� said Abdullah Keleş, the general coordinator and member of the board of IC Hotel, adding that the construction of the project will be completed by 2011.
�We have been negotiating with the U.K.-based architecture firm Atkins for the project,� said Keleş. �We will build a congress center, which will include an auditorium with a capacity of 3,500, and two other auditoriums with a capacity of 1,000, on a 90,000-square meter construction site,� Keleş said.
Keleş noted that the company will also build a hotel with a bed capacity of nearly 1,000, adding that the company continues its negotiations with international brands for the administration of the hotel. �We aim to use the Tekel beer factory on the land as a museum,� said Keleş.
�Apart from the Bomonti project, we also aim to construct a city hotel on an area of 27 acres in Antalya Lara for 2009,� said Keleş.