Plans to construct a third bridge and a new airport in the vicinity of Istanbul's Çatalca and Silivri districts have suddenly increased the value of land in the area.
The value of land in Çatalca has been experimenting with an increase ranging from 30 to 100 percent, while the value of land in Silivri also continues to increase.
The activities concerning the sale of real estate in the area accelerate, said Engin Eren, general manager of Remax Erguvan Real Estate Services. �Çatalca-Yassıören-Arnavutköy area emerges as the first alternative for the construction of the third airport. Meanwhile, the second alternative is Silivri-Gazitepe area. The rumors that the new airport will be constructed in one of these two areas enhanced the sale of real estate in the region,� Eren said. �The values of real estate in Subaşı, Kestanelik and Gökçeali, in particular, skyrocketed to an unprecedented level due to these rumors,� he added.
There is a general belief that the third bridge route will pass through Çatalca and one of the limited numbers of linking roads will also be constructed in the vicinity of Çatalca. Meanwhile, the Hadımköy-Yassıören region is considered as being the most suitable area for the construction of linking roads of the third bridge.
Eren pointed to the fact that land prices in Subaşı increased by 100 percent compared to the previous year as a result of these above mentioned possibilities. Not all the regions in the area experience similar price increase, Eren noted. �While the values of land in Subaşı and Gökçeali increase by 100 percent, the price increases in some of the other areas stands merely at 30 to 50 percent,� he added.
The rumors that a new airport will be constructed in Silivri continue approximately for one year, said Onur Sevimliay, the representative of Turyap Silivri, adding that 1/100,000 plans of Istanbul also signal this possibility. The large plain, which lies between Kavaklı and Gazitepe, is the most appropriate land for the construction of an airport in Silivri, Sevimliay noted.
�The length of an airfield needs to be greater than 3,000 meters according to international rules. In this respect, Kavaklı-Gazitepe district emerges as the most suitable area. However, it is not yet certain that the airport will be built in this area,� Sevimliay said. �The Greater Istanbul Municipality's 1/100,000 plans reveal the existence of this kind of a possibility, however we should bear in mind the fact that there is also an airport in Çorlu. The distance between Çorlu and Silivri is 40 kilometers. Therefore, there might also be suggestions in the future that the new airport be integrated with the airport in Çorlu,� he added.
Sevimliay underlined that Silivri boasts an advantageous location as it manages to grab the attraction of a wide range of investors. �The price per square meter of land in industrial zones begins at YTL 100 to YTL 120 and rises to YTL 300 to YTL 350 depending on the related branch of industry and their locations,� said Sevimliay.