ANKARA - Turkish Daily News

Chairman of Parliament's Human Rights Committee Zafer Üskül yesterday refuted allegations that there was negligence on their part regarding the conditions faced by Kuddusi Okkır, who was arrested as part of the Ergenekon investigation and died soon after his release.
Üskül said Okkır's wife applied to the committee June 4 claiming he was severely ill and in need of medical assistance. However the petition was legally received by the committee when Okkır was already taken to the intensive care unit at Edirne Medical Hospital.
Üskül defended his committee saying, �Kuddusi Okkir was seen by 26 different physicians during his imprisonment. It is a sardonic outcome. It is a human rights problem to keep an ailing convict in prison. Though we demanded information from the Justice Ministry we cannot appeal its jurisdiction as it is out of our authorization.�
Responding to questions by reporters in Parliament Üskül maintained that whether the disease was diagnosed in prison will become clear when the Turkish Physicians' Association completes its report.