Serial Explosions Hit Southern Indian CityBy Steve Herman
New Delhi
25 July 2008

India's high-tech city of Bangalore was rocked by numerous explosions on Friday. Initial reports indicate a coordinated terrorist attack, but authorities say the blasts were of relatively small intensity. VOA correspondent Steve Herman reports from New Delhi that at least one person is dead and as a many as a dozen others injured.

As many as seven blasts shook the southern part of India's high-tech city of Bangalore during a 45-minute period Friday afternoon.

The city's police commissioner, Shankar Bidri, says it is premature to declare this an act of terrorism. He told reporters near the location of one of the blasts that the explosions were caused by gelatin sticks with timers and were of low intensity.

"Explosives also have been used in a quantity equal to one or two grenades. It appears to be an act of persons who are having the mali fide (bad) intention of disturbing peace and tranquility of Bangalore city," Bidi said.

The police commissioner appealed for residents to go about their activities as normal. But most schools and shopping malls immediately closed for the remainder of the day as word spread of the multiple explosions.

Government authorities say they have raised the state of alert for the capital, New Delhi, and all other metropolitan area, fearing another large city could also be an immediate target.

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