ISTANBUL - Turkish Daily News

Photographs and video installations exploring the themes of “territory” and “dominance” will be presented at a new exhibition, which was launched last Thursday in the main gallery of the Santralistanbul arts and cultural complex . The exhibition, Tense Territories, which is comprised mainly of works by Scandinavian artists, will remain on display until the end of October. In the new exhibition, Swedish conceptual artist Saskia Holmkvist who works mainly with video; Finnish photographers Sini Pelkki, Jussi Puikkonen and Sauli Sirivö; and American Carrie Schneider explore how human behavior and everyday life are questioned and interpreted through searching and finding the answer to who one is and who others are. Identity, in the sense of shared processes, cannot simply be constructed or instituted as an ideology or hierarchy; it must emerge as a new tradition of argumentation, consisting of a whole diversity of independent territories in which and between which identities are built and selfhoods recognized and the self and the other responsively and respectively meet. These shared processes have the potential to be a great repository of culturally developed resources for identities to shape and reshape. In between these shared arenas, the functioning of society takes its form.
The curator of the exhibition, Aura Seikkula, defined her goal, saying: “Over the long period of evolutionary time, humankind has developed most complicated array of territorial behaviors that range from personal social relationships, to possession of land and physical property. Tense Territories asks whether there is something imperative about territory.”