ANKARA- Turkish Daily News

Female public servants who have recently given birth could soon be eligible to obtain breastfeeding leave three hours a day for four months, which would be reduced to one and a half hours a day for an additional six months, thanks to a new draft law before Parliament.
The draft law discussed by Parliament's European Union Harmonization Commission grants more rights to female public servants. According the law, they will able to take eight weeks off before and after birth without a salary cut and women who certify that there is no health obstacle to continuing to perform their job will be able to maintain working hours until three weeks prior to birth. In this case, unused maternity leave prior to birth will be added to postpartum leave.
New fathers will also be entitled to take paternity leave, according to the draft law. Following the end of their wives' leave, male public servants will be able to take unpaid leave for childcare for up to six months. Public servants who adopt a child up to two years old will also benefit from the same rights.
Starting from the 24th week of pregnancy, women will not be assigned to night duty for six months. Public servants who take maternity or paternity leave will be able to re-start their work under the same conditions, the law says.
The draft law also regulates employers' right to annul a business contract. In case of illness or accident, the employee will be required to inform his employer within six weeks. After six weeks, the employer will be able to annul a business contract without notice.