Toronto festival helps improve ties between Turks, Canadians

A festival celebrated over the weekend in Toronto has helped improve the ties of friendship between Canadians and Turkish expats, according to Mehmet Gül, one of the coordinators of the festival

The third Toronto Turkish Festival celebrated on Aug. 2-3 at Toronto's Yonge and Dundas Square brought more than 100,000 Canadians and Turkish expats together in a friendly atmosphere filled with fun activities. "The festival was a great opportunity to develop ties between Canadians and Turks. We had the opportunity to introduce the Turkish culture to our Canadian friends in the best way possible," stated Gül. The festival, organized by the Canadian-Turkish Friendship Community, was sponsored by both Turkish and international companies such as North America Energy Star (NAES) and Turkish Airlines (THY), as well as Turkish municipalities such as Fatih and the Çorum.

Gül said the festival was a good opportunity to present a wide variety of Turkish art, handcrafts, goods, cuisine, music and folkdance. "This year's festival lasted two days, but we plan next year's festival to last three days. We will donate the money we earned during the festival to Nil Academy, Toronto's first Turkish school," he added. Toronto city councilor Michael Thompson, on the other hand, expressed gratitude to the Canadian-Turkish Friendship Community for having organized such great festival. "I would like to extend my thanks to this community for the values it has gained to Canada's multi-cultural tissue. I hope this festival to be held every year. I applaud those who contributed to the formation of the indescribable atmosphere we witnessed during the festival. Such activities are means for Canadians to feel real Turkey," he remarked