ISTANBUL - Anatolia News Agency

Sabancı University is reaching out to 200 children from Mardin between the ages of 8 and 13 to help them improve their creativity and self-confidence.
Discover yourself projects, organized by the university every summer as part of the university's social sensitivity projects, will take place Aug. 8 to 23 in Mardin, according to the statement by Sabancı University.
Six students from Sabancı University and one academic, as well as 15 students from several other universities will be responsible for the project, which aims to educate especially those children who have poor families.
The children will come from the neighborhoods around the Cumhuriyet Primary School and will be reached and encouraged to discover their talents in different areas and thus the improve of their self-confidence, creativity and communication.
Started in 2000, the education project operates in Mardin, Van, Şanlıurfa, Siirt, Diyarbakır, Ayvalık, Dikili and Giresun. It aims to engage students with participatory democracy through encouraging the individuals to perform their responsibilities towards the society by teamwork as well as by individual initiatives.
In Turkey, where many problems such as "the imbalance of the distribution of income, the insufficiency of democratic rights and the scarcity of the educational facilities" are continuously endured, the participating students can learn about the existence of another world outside their own, thereby giving them the first tools necessary for solving all such problems of society.
Sabancı University students take this project during their freshman year as a compulsory course without credit, but at the end of the freshman year many students choose to continue with these projects voluntarily. Since 1999, about 500 social sensitivity projects have been performed and in total 2454 students took part in these projects. Additionally, 17 universities benefited from the expertise that Sabancı University has produced.