ISTANBUL – TDN with wire dispatches

There has been another work-related death at a shipyard this week, this time in a military shipyard in Istanbul's Pendik district. It comes at a time when there has been much publicity about the increasing rate of deaths at the Tuzla shipyards.
Istanbul's Military Shipyard in Pendik had a reputation for having never experienced a work related death until now. Yusuf Aksungur, 45, who was working at the administrative section of the military Pendik shipyard, was seriously burned Monday, trying to put out a fire by stamping on the flames. Aksungur was being treated in Haydarpaşa hospital of Gülhane Military Medical School, or GATA, but died from his wounds Tuesday.
The cause of death was severe burns, Ahmet Kalfa, the head of the Turkish War Industry and Supportive Work Branches Trade Union, or Harb İş, told the Turkish Daily News. However, the cause of the fire remains uncertain and a legal investigation is ongoing, Kalfa said, adding that it would not be appropriate for him to say anything more at this point. If there were any negligence in work safety, it would be determined after the investigation, he added.
However, Kalfa underlined that there had been no work-related deaths in the shipyard until that point and said that it would not be correct to draw comparisons to the Tuzla shipyards in terms of safety measures, working conditions and workers' qualifications. However, another worker at the Pendik container dock died one day after Aksungur. Yaşar Recep Rumen's ankle was cut and he later died from hemorrhaging in hospital.