ANKARA - TDN Parliament Bureau

The closure case against the ruling party and the Ergenekon case has caused a decline in popularity for the Justice and Development Party, or AKP, and the Republican People's Party, or CHP, a street poll conducted by the MetroPOLL Research Center has revealed.
While the percentage of those who said they would vote for the AKP decreased to 41 percent from 47 percent, the CHP also suffered from a decrease, with its potential vote share falling to 13 percent. If there were a general election today, the Nationalist Movement Party, or MHP, would not enter Parliament, taking 8.4 percent of the votes.
Respondents were asked about the latest political developments, including the Ergenekon case, the top court's decision on the closure case, the European Union, and the state of political parties.
According to the results, 54.3 percent argued that the Ergenekon case is not judicial but political. Only 32.9 percent of poll participants thought of the case as a judicial one, and the rate of CHP voters who defined the case as judicial was even lower, at 23.9 percent.
Poll participants also seemed confused about the Ergenekon case. A total of 48.7 percent of respondents did not classify the Ergenekon gang as a terrorist organization, while 40.5 percent claimed the opposite. As to the Ergenekon gang's founding goal, the majority did not think that Ergenekon was a patriotic organization, but said it was based on material interests.
The survey also asked for the public's opinion on alleged links between Ergenekon and the AKP closure case. The results revealed that a majority, 54.6 percent, did not consider the two cases parallel, while 36.3 percent defended the link between the cases.
Among the poll participants, 52.4 percent supported the AKP's attitude during the Ergenekon case process, while the rate of those in favor of the CHP's attitude fell to 19 percent. A total of 64.1 percent of the respondents approved of the General Staff's attitude on the subject.

People happy with non-closure
The high court's decision not to shut down the AKP pleased a large majority of those surveyed. While 69.7 percent of participants were content with the decision, 27.6 percent did not favor the decision. The majority of CHP voters, at 47.8 percent, supported the court's decision as well.
A total of 35 percent of respondents classified the AKP as a threat against secularism, while 60.3 percent disagreed with this statement. However, the public gathered in the same camp regarding the AKP's policies, with 73 percent believing that the AKP should change its former policies. Even many AKP voters agreed, at a total of 58.6 percent.
While 66 percent supported Turkey's EU membership, 28 percent still stood against joining the EU.