ANKARA - Turkish Daily News

A deputy of the ruling party has withdrawn her much-criticized proposals for protecting children, including establishing a place of worship in schools for students of every religion.
Edibe Sözen, a deputy in the Justice and Development Party, or AKP, on Saturday pulled back her proposal titled �Protecting The Youth,� which she said was based on German laws re-adapted for Turkey and meant to advance Turkey's European Union accession process. However, Turkish-born German parliamentarian, Hakkı Keskin, said he could not confirm her statements.
�There is not a place of worship in schools in Germany,� said Keskin, who is a member of the Germany's federal parliament. �Even the top court banned the religious symbols from being displayed in classes. Sözen purposely tries to mislead the public and aims to convert the national education system into a religious one,� he said.
Reportedly inspired by German laws, Sözen prepared a proposal that aimed to protect children through a variety of regulations, including the registration of youngsters who purchase *****graphic publications. The proposal drew harsh criticism from different segments of society.

German laws and proposal differ
Keskin said the youth protection law in Germany displayed no similarity with the draft prepared by Sözen and that Sözen poorly blended her anti-secular education vision with the German-based laws.
�The German youth protection law regulates the situations under which circumstances children are allowed to enter bars and discos and consume alcohol,� he said. �It doesn't include such an arrangement for schools to secure a place of worship for students.�
He said even the state universities do not have a place for worship. In addition, *****graphic publications are not covered and sold in a red bag and suppliers are not required to obtain identification numbers from buyers, he added.