ANKARA - Turkish Daily News

The banning of our party from politics is reducing the possibility of a solution through dialogue to the conflict between Turkish and Kurdish people, said the leader of the Democratic Society Party, or DTP.
�The top court's decision on the closure case of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) implies an opportunity for a democratic change. The real change, however, will occur if the DTP too isn't closed down,� Ahmet Türk aid, speaking ahead of his party's parliamentary meeting Saturday.
Türk said the closure of the DTP would not contribute to the solution of the problems, but instead, would harm the process and create chaos and crisis.
�I don't mean it as a threat. The public will spontaneously display a refraction (if the party is closed down). Because, the most important outcomes in such cases are felt in the feelings of the public. Frustration is the most tragic outcomes. I thus believe that it [closure of the DTP] will harm Turkey, peace and brotherhood,� he said, calling for the Constitutional Court to give the same chance to the DTP as well.
He also claimed the Ergenekon organization abused the Kurdish problem and that a healthy solution could not be reached unless the focal points which reinforced the organization were eradicated and perpetrators of the mysterious deaths and crimes in southeastern Turkey are revealed.

Kurdish issue reinforces Ergenekon
�Because it is the Kurdish issue and southeastern Turkey, east of the Euphrates River, that reinforced and developed the Ergenekon organization,� he said, adding that it was hard to understand the attitude of Deniz Baykal, leader of Republican People's Party, or CHP, who advocated for the Ergenekon organization.
Mentioning the investigation process on the Güngören bombings, Türk said the latest statements of the officials were not persuasive and that �the mountain gave birth to a mouse.�
�Even before a formal statement is made, the press blamed PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) for the attacks; however it was later revealed that the person who was arrested for detonating the bombs has a regular job and has never been abroad,� Türk said. Türk defended that the PKK was not involved in the bombings. When asked how he could be so sure of PKK's innocence in the incident, he said he wasn't certain of anything but he just thought it would create a tension to show a target beforehand without sufficient evidence.