ISTANBUL – TDN with wire dispatches

Ankara's Hacettepe University and Louisiana University in the United States are jointly hosting the �International Ring and Modules Theory Conference� to take place in Ankara from 18 to 22 August, the private NTVMSNBC news site reported.
The conference will bring together 160 mathematicians from 30 countries, including Prof. Efim Isaakovich Zelmanov, winner of the 1994 Fields Medal, who will share recent scientific studies with Turkish researchers. Since algebra has a one thousand year history in the Middle East, the purpose of the conference is to support the revitalization of the subject over the past 40 years, said professor Adnan Tercan from Hacettepe University, who organized the conference with Louisiana University professor Gary Birkenmeier. Tercan stressed that during this conference, mathematicians will have the opportunity to be in contact with fellow Turkish researchers. The conference will also enable Turkish researchers and graduate students to find additional inspiration and motivation, and create a foundation for mutual research, added Tercan.
Many people have no information of the developments in mathematics, Birkenmeier denoted. �Turkey is not a leading country in the study of mathematics, but there are concentric leaps. It has a middling rank compared to the world,� he said.
Birkenmeier noted, as well, the use of algebra in secret coding, which was pioneered in the USA.