ISTANBUL - TDN with wire dispatches

Istanbul Transportation Authority, or IETT, buses will no longer have to wait at traffic lights in Istanbul with the help of new technology. Traffic lights will recognize the small devices installed on the buses and will turn red lights green so that oncoming bus will be able to continue without stopping, according to IETT Manager Mehmet Öztürk.
They will have priority in traffic like that of fire engines and ambulances. The buses will start using the Smart Signal System by 2009, said Öztürk. Istanbul Transportation Communication and Security Technologies Corporation, or ISBAK, created the infrastructure. �The buses will be able to move faster, extra bus coaches will be introduced, and more passengers will be served. The number of the buses is expected to double,� noted Öztürk. Additionally, the security lane will be available for the use of the buses during hours of heavy traffic. The buses will start utilizing security lanes once negotiations between IETT, General Directorate of Highways, or KGM, and the police department conclude positively.