ANKARA - Turkish Daily News

The first action of Land Forces Commander General İlker Başbuğ, who will be taking over his duties as the new chief of General Staff Aug. 30, has been some administrative changes in the communications department, daily Hürriyet reported.
The service rank of the communications department, responsible for the media and public relations of the General Staff, was raised from General Staff colonel to brigadier general. Metin Gürak, who was promoted to the position of brigadier general two years ago, was appointed as the new head of the communications department in the new period.
Gürak will assume his post as the new communications department head for the next two years, in line with the military rules. Ali Rıza Kuğu, former head of the communications department, meanwhile, was appointed to serve in a brigade that operates under the Aegean Army.
Sources said Başbuğ plans to further activate and enliven the communication department of the General Staff. The top brass of the Turkish Armed Forces, or TSK, plans to provide the media with information about the activities of the TSK in a more professional way, Hürriyet reported.