ANKARA - Turkish Daily News

The Consumers' Society Federation, or TÜDEF, has urged the mayor of Ankara, Melih Gökçek, to stop directing water of Kızılırmak towards the capital for use as tap water. TÜDEF asked the government to take immediate action to build an advanced water treatment plant for the water resource.
Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Chairman of TÜDEF Ali Çetin blamed Gökçek for underestimating the need to invest in new water treatment projects.
�A serious scarcity of water is dominant in our country," Çetin said. "There is neither an urban nor a national water treatment policy. Gökçek is in a dangerous state of ideological obsession that cannot be controlled. He should resign immediately and a criminal proceeding must be applied."
Çetin also argued that Gökçek should have invested a sum of $238 million in the first stage of the Gerede water project that will provide Ankara with purified water but instead committed an institutional crime by spending $350 million on transportation infrastructure.