Man kills four kids, wife, then self

A man committed suicide after killing his wife and four children in a fit of rage on Wednesday in the southeastern province of Kilis.

Ökkeş Çelebi, 40, who worked at the State Waterworks Authority (DSİ), had reportedly been experiencing domestic problems for the past six months. Witnesses say that on the night of his suicide Çelebi had been fighting with his wife.

Kilis Chief of Police Süleyman Nuri Özhan said Çelebi lost control in the fight and killed his three-year-old daughter, Sevilay, then killed his wife and two other children before using the last bullet to commit suicide.
A neighbor living above Çelebi's apartment said that after hearing gunshots he had gone downstairs and seen Çelebi with a gun in his hand. "He told me to leave his apartment and that somebody had slandered him. I left, called the police and told them what was happening," the neighbor said. The bodies were taken to the Kilis State Hospital morgue after being examined by Chief Public Prosecutor Bülent Bingöl. Severely depressed people harm themselves and others
Abdurrahman Altındağ, associate professor in the department of psychiatry at Gaziantep University, told the Anatolia news agency that those who suffer from severe depression can harm both themselves and the people around them.
Altındağ stated that it is not possible to comment on a person's behavior without knowing his past experiences, but that predictions can be made on the basis of previous patients. "People suffering from severe depression can see ending their life as a way to rescue both themselves and the people close to them. … In 90 percent of suicides there are various underlying psychological problems."