HAKKARİ – Doğan News Agency

Authorities in Iran yesterday returned 400 sheep stolen a month ago from the Turkish village of Günyazı.
A month ago six armed Iranians illegally entered Turkey and kidnapped two shepherds and 430 sheep near the village of Günyazı in the province of Hakkari on the border with Iran.
The kidnappers took the shepherds and the sheep to their village, Holustone, across the border, later releasing the shepherds. It was reported that a Günyazı villager owed money to a person in Holustone and that was why the kidnapping and theft took place.
Local administrator Altuğ Çağlar and village head of Günyazı, Abdulhalik Arslan, approached the Iranian authorities, who handed over 400 of the sheep to Turkish authorities on the border.
The sheep, 30 of which died, were returned to their owners, who told the Doğan news agency that they were very happy because the animals were their only source of income.