ANTALYA – Doğan News Agency

The new rector of Antalya Akdeniz University dictated a resignation letter for one of Turkey's top surgeons after the doctor said he did not know how to write one.
Professor İsrafil Kurtcephe, selected for the rector position by President Abdullah Gül over former Rector Mustafa Aydın 10 days ago, was approached by the university's Organ Transplant Training and Research Hospital chief surgeon, professor Alper Demirbaş, on Tuesday who asked if the rector wanted to establish his own team for the hospital or would continue to work with them.
When the rector said he wanted his own team, Demirbaş said he had never resigned and did not know how to write a resignation letter.
Kurtcephe's response was to give the top surgeon a blank page, saying, �Let me dictate it to you.� Demirbaş wrote what he was told and signed the latter. His resignation was followed by the resignations of his deputies.
Demirbaş said he had resigned as the chief surgeon of the hospital but would continue to work as a surgeon at the center. �I hope our successes will continue with the new management,� he said. He also noted that he and his deputies were approached by many hospitals and would consider the offers if they were not allowed to operate.
The hospital broke a world record last year by carrying out 306 liver transplants, with a target of 400 this year.
The new rector, who noted that he, as a historian, was the first rector at the university who was not a medical doctor in 20 years, said there were serious problems in the faculty of medicine that he planned to tackle following his appointment.