Tutku Ayvaz

Istanbul will host 12th World Congress on Public Health in trust of President Abdullah Gül. Organized by the Turkish Public Health Association or T-HASAK, the congress will address hundreds of international participants between April 27 and May 1, 2009.
A group including the managers of the association paid a visit to Gül last month and got promise for support.
Gül will deliver the opening speech of the congress. With support of the sponsors the congress has a budget of four million dollars. The congress has a wide topic variety that extends from the diseases that spread from animals to humans, to global warming, from fight against smoking to the threat of epidemic diseases. The participants will announce �Istanbul Declaration� after the congress about the issue of public health. A race across the Bosporus Bridge with the contribution of four or five thousand people is also planned.
Turkey Public Health Association General Secretary Bekir Metin stated that they are working with more than 360 companies for the congress since 2004. Participants will make presentations addressing the theme: �Making a Difference in Global Public Health: Education, Research, and Practice.� The congress will host representatives of health ministries, universities, NGOs and international organizations from 193 different countries. �At least three thousand people are expected to participate to the congress,� asserted Metin �but the target is five thousand participants.�
The congress is organized by the World Federation of Public Health Associations, or WFPHA, every three years since 1975.