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Bus drivers have been forbidden to have mustaches by Metro Tourism, one of Turkey's biggest transportation companies.
�Every driver had his own style of moustache and our company brass decided that everyone should shave off their moustache as a solution,� said Osman Erçetin, a regional officer for Metro Tourism Eastern Black Sea. �Many of the drivers thought of quitting their job, but most of them accepted the change.�
Metro Tourism has 7,000 workers and though some of the bus drivers tried to resist the decision, arguing that their wives �would not allow it,� or that they have grown a moustache for 30 years, none could succeed in altering it.
General manager of the company, Sinan Solak, said the decision aims to improve customer satisfaction. �We are trying to reach European Union standards,� Solak said.
Many bus drivers were afraid of losing their jobs and opted to shave their moustaches. However, some drivers preferred to quit their jobs instead of adhering to the company's order. Metro Tourism said the prohibition did not include bus drivers who have gone on pilgrimage.
�We have to work. We shaved since we needed to, but we really felt offended,� the bus drivers said in a statement. On the other hand, 50-year-old Nihat Sungur quit his job, stating that there was no way for him to shave off his moustache.