ANKARA – Turkish Daily News

The outcome of the Student Selection and Foreign Language examinations, known as ÖSS and YDS respectively, was announced yesterday, with over half of the candidates failing to pass.
The ÖSS was held June 15 and the YDS on June 22. Out of the 1,179,944 candidates who passed the threshold enabling them to select in which university department they wanted to study, only 505,083 were placed in universities while 674,861 were eliminated.
Surprisingly, 719 high school graduates with top grades could not pass the university exam. As indicated in the results, boys turned out to be more successful than the girls. A total of 127,778 female and 137,452 male candidates passed the test.
The results also revealed that students from Turkey's Science and Anatolia high schools were the most successful in the university exams. Science and Anatolia high schools accept students through examinations. Denizli and Kırşehir are the most successful cities based on the results.