Hüseyin Hayatsever - Radikal

The commission established by the central Anatolian province Konya governor's office to investigate the explosion that killed 17 students at the Taşkent district's Bosphorus Private Student Dormitory has been unable to establish that there were illegal Koran courses being taught there.
Daily Radikal reported Friday that people had told the commission they had been sending their daughters there �for cleaning.� Yet the girls saved from the rubble, the local population who participated in the rescue, the Konya Ministry of Education, the district mufti, the Presidency of Religious Affairs, as well as State Minister, Sait Yazıcıoğlu, had all confirmed that the collapsed building had been housing an illegal Koran course.

No evidence of Koran course
On August 1, 2008, young girls were woken up for morning prayers when a spark from a light switch ignited a gas leak causing the ensuing explosion that killed 17 girls, one teacher, and injured 39.
The Ministry of Education revealed that as of September 27, 2000, the dormitory was registered in the Ministry's records as a male middle school student dorm, and that the Ministry had rejected an application to expand the building to include a female dorm on condition that the building did not meet fire and LPG standards. Yet the building was still being used for summer courses for female students.
�Legal action will be taken against the organization's directors for opening an unlicensed female dorm and for changing from an official male dorm against the law governing organizations,� stated the commission report, adding, �There was no information or documentation proving that there were any Koran courses in the building. There was never any permission given for courses in the building and a request to teach English was sent out after the explosion.�