OYE Custom-Made Beachwear
OYE is the hottest concept in beachwear right now. When the twin sisters behind OYE, Zeynep and Ayca, picked up some semi-precious stones in India a couple of years ago, they tried putting them on their swimsuits. All hand-made, their sexy designs have become an instant hit. Sold online at oyeeurope.com or by appointment at Inonu Cad. No.35/2, Taksim. Call (0532) 236 25 44. Source: pukkaliving.com

Be Made instead of borrowed
Berra and Ekin, the two Marmara University Fine Arts graduates behind Be Made make little creatures spirited right out of the enchanted forests of the Japanese anime Princess Mononoke. For artsy fashionistas who wouldn't be caught dead with a Chanel or LV logo brooch, the quirky Be Made pins in the shapes of dogs, arrows and other eclectic stuff are gorgeously uplifting. Ditto for their funky bowls and other house objects. Be Made Ceramic Works (0535) 363 4905 or bemadeceramicworks.com). Also available at Oxemoxie Design Store / Serdar-ı Ekrem Sok. 31, Galata. (0212) 244 8260 or oxemoxie.com.

Yastık Istanbul Cushions
The best way to inject fresh air into any morbid-looking room is to throw in a few characterful cushions.This is where Yastık Istanbul comes in. Created by the venerable fashion designer Rıfat Özbek, their designs cover a tasteful range from Turkish toile de jouy scenes to modern takes on ethnic Brazilian patterns. Like shoes, a domestic goddess can never have enough of them. Available online at yastikistanbul.com. Source: pukkaliving.com

A man's no-nonsense air
For the man who likes to smell nice, nothing beats the discreet elegance of Isfarkand by Perfume Ormonde Jayne: An uncomplicated peppery heart, with a mandarin, lime, and bergamot top note and a cedar, vetiver and moss base. The guys at Wallpaper magazine swear by it. Source: pukkaliving.com

Gönül Paksoy
Paksoy injects the �***' factor into familiar Turkish dishes. Her latest book Culinary Designs-2 is a bible to unusual recipes she invents in her kitchen everyday. Dolma's wrapped in red cabbage, anyone? Far-out ingredients (though in a wicked way) like azuki beans and palm heart are also fetching. With a PhD under her apron chemistry, her bold recipes are purely whimsy. Go to her, buy the book and create magic yourself for your guests. Gönül Paksoy, Atiye Sok. 6/A, Teşvikiye. (0212) 261 9081 Source: pukkaliving.com