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Lounge 102 will celebrate its birthday this Sunday. The up-to-the-minute downtempo radio station has invited notable company to Istanbul's popular Sepetçiler Kasrı in Sarayburnu in order to celebrate the occasion. The guest list includes the band Nouvelle Vague, French singer and songwriter Sebastien Tellier, �the spaghetti Balkan band� Figli di Madre Ignota and Austrian duo dZihan & Kamien.
Turkey's first and only downtempo radio station does not provide any spoken shows, in order to allow the listeners to concentrate on the music completely. Its primary objective is to extend the musical vocabulary of the audience and fulfill their needs by gathering them together in a series of events, such as Electronica Festival, held in Istanbul in July. Major kinds of music presented in Lounge 102 are jazz, funk, soul, ambient, chill-out, dub, trip-hop, house and Latin.
Lounge 102's birthday is not the first occasion when French group Nouvelle Vague will visit Turkey. The band gave three concerts in Istanbul, Ankara and Eskişehir in May. The group's project was originally to re-arrange the greatest but rarely covered early '80s post-punk numbers in an original and personal way, and after their first successes they were encouraged to continue in this direction. Among the most popular covers by the band is �Love Will Tear Us Apart,� originally written and performed by Joy Division.
Another guest artist at the prestigious birthday fete will be Sébastien Tellier, a French singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, performing in his native language, as well as in English and Italian. He represented France at the Eurovision contest this year in Belgrade, causing a great controversy for singing an English song, forcing Tellier to pledge to increase the amount of French in the song prior to the competition.

Figli di Madre Ignota is an Italian band from Milano that plays a mix of Balkan music, polkas, klezmer tunes and swings made up of electric guitars and a generous horn section. On stage they wear pardo fezzes and dress in elegant lounge suites in order to make their live show electric and hilarious. Their latest CD, �Fez Club,� released in May 2007, features collaboration with Circus Contraption from Seattle. Figli di Madre Ignota literally means �unknown mother's son�, but it is interpreted by the band as the missing roots of the music as played in the '60s.
Tickets, YTL 50-75, are available at Biletix.
Sepetçiler Kasrı,
Kennedy Cad. No 3, Sarayburnu, Istanbul