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Action will be taken to speed up the recovery of Lake Bafa, which is inside Muğla and Aydın city borders and is an important bird area.Çağrı Deniz Eryılmaz, an Ankara-based expert with the World Wildlife Fund, or WWF, said that local efforts were very important in finding a solution to the pollution in Lake Bafa, which was declared a protected area in 1989 and as a Protection Area for Natural Areas in 1994.Eryılmaz also said the WWF, together with the Ministry of Environment and Forest, has started work on a project to develop rational use of Lake Bafa."The main problem of Lake Bafa is �drying and pollution,'" Eryılmaz said. �Exaggerated and unplanned watering decreases the water level in the lake. Already in 2007, together with the effect of climate change, the lake was diminishing. Such diminishing also negatively affects activities such as fishing and tourism, which are an important source of income for local people. Furthermore, the lake is becoming seriously polluted. In order to save the lake, we should act together with the local farmers and fishermen."Eryılmaz, who also spoke about the positive outcomes of previous projects by the Turkey Natural Life Protection for Lake Konya Beyşehir, Lake Tuz, and Lake Eğridir, said we were facing much difficulty in the context of our national water policy and code of laws.