ANTALYA – Turkish Daily News

Tour boats anchoring close to the Çıralı coast in Kemer, Antalya lead are polluting the sea and present a danger to local and foreign tourists, a local villager has claimed.
Halil Karataş, the local head of Yazır village, told the Anatolia news agency that some tour boats anchoring close to the shore were throwing bilge and other contaminants directly into the sea.
Karataş claimed that the boats posed a threat to local and foreign tourists by anchoring so close to the shore.
�The boats that anchor close to the coast cause reactions among vacationers in Olimpos,� he said. �Because of this, local and foreign tourists are complaining. In order to overcome these complaints by tourists in previous years we pulled a ball cock a certain distance from the coast. But because of the visual and noise pollution the ball cocks were removed.�
Karataş said they occasionally warn the tour boats. �But we want the related authorities to take the necessary measures towards the owners and users of the boats that do not obey,� he added.