ANKARA – Turkish Daily News

Following talks with union representatives, the government said over the weekend that the average pay rise in civil servants' salaries would be 8.4 percent.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced the decree on �equal pay for equal jobs� in Istanbul over the weekend. As of Aug. 15, the lowest pay raise on a civil servant salary is YTL 103, while teachers and clerics get a YTL 112 pay raise, non-commissioner officers YTL 127, lieutenants YTL 132, police officers YTL 161 and engineers YTL 264. This means an 8.4 percent increase in the salary of an average civil servant and a 10 percent increase in the lowest civil servant salary.
After adding the current pay-raise, the total increase in the average civil servant salary in 2008 amounts to 18.5 percent and the lowest civil servant salary 22.7 percent.
Erdoğan defended his government's policy and said the lowest civil servant salary is now equal to YTL 1,119, while it was YTL 843 in December 2007. The prime minister said the recent increase would put a YTL 947 million additional burden on the state budget.