More than 80 die in Afghan violence Officials said several clashes in Afghanistan's south and east killed 73 Taliban fighters and five private security guards, while a roadside blast killed 10 policemen. The Interior Ministry said the beefed-up police force in the capital would search buildings as well as cars to "create an environment of trust and prevent any disruptive actions by the enemy." The security increase comes a day before the country celebrates the 89th anniversary of its independence from Britain.
KABUL – Agence France-Presse
Danish police arrest five for bank heist
Danish news agency Rizau said yesterday that police arrested four Swedes and one Dane suspected of stealing 60 million kroner ($12 million) from a Copenhagen cash depot on Aug. 10. It was the country's second biggest heist. The news agency says four of the men were arrested in a raid at in central Copenhagen late Saturday. A fifth suspect was arrested at a highway lay-by. The men are facing detention hearings in Glostrup today.
COPENHAGEN - The Associated Press
Guyana worried by cross-border disease
Guyana's health minister said yesterday that a disease that has killed 38 Warao natives in neighboring Venezuela worried him. He had contacted Pan American Health Organization to help the investigation of the deaths. It is believed the natives died from a form of rabies linked to vampire bats living in the Amazon jungle.
GEORGETOWN - The Associated Press
Bangladesh police to monitor parties
Bangladesh police launched a special intelligence unit, namely PIO (Political Intelligence Operation) yesterday to monitor the activities of parties. The parties have been mounting pressure on the military-backed interim government to end 19-month-old emergency powers. Suranjit Sengupta, a senior leader of the Awami League party, described the unit's launch as "unfortunate, undemocratic and unconstitutional".
DHAKA - Reuters
Drug-violence kills 2,682 in Mexico
Drug-related violence in Mexico killed 2,682 people across Mexico since the start of the year, El Universal daily reported Saturday. Bordering the United States, Chihuahua saw 38.2 percent of the country's total. Drug gangs are battling the powerful Sinaloa cartel, which has the highest murder toll, with 780 so far this year. Federal authorities since early 2007 have deployed more than 36,000 soldiers in an effort to combat drug trafficking and related violence.
MEXICO CITY - Agence France-Presse
Egypt crash kills 10
A minibus rammed into the back of a truck carrying steel bars north of Cairo yesterday, killing 10 people, including a three-year-old boy, and injuring 11, the state-run Middle East News Agency (MENA) reported. All the injured were in critical condition and have been moved to hospitals in Benha. A new traffic code with tougher punishments for lawbreakers came into effect at the start of August.
CAIRO - Reuters