The new Department of Witness Protection, established within the framework of the Police Headquarters, or EGM, on July 1, has commenced work in an apartment with three rooms belonging to the police treasury, after it could not find a place to accommodate witnesses. The case has raised questions about the security of files of secret witnesses and of those who admit to crimes they have committed.
The department was established as part of the EGM to provide the basic requirements for the protection of witnesses, particularly during critical periods. However, the EGM could not find a convenient location for the department within the EGM primises.
The EGM had settled on buying a building belonging to the Association of Social Security, However, it had to give up on that idea as the price of the building was too high. After prolonged struggle, the EGM decided on the apartment for the witness protection department within the building of the police treasury.
There will be eight subsections and a management section in the new department. The offices of the chiefs of police will be located in the three rooms and one living room of the apartment, with the rest room and the kitchen available for staff use.
This, however, has created problems. Files belonging to departments combating terrorism, illegal trade, combating organized crimes, and public order have been moved to this new department under the new relevant law, creating a problem of security, at least temporarily. The police department is trying to arrange another location for this department in response to reactions to the present situation.