Housing trends in Turkey have been undergoing a transformation since the beginning of 2000, as more luxury housing complexes begin to offer Turks a more comfortable lifestyle.
People previously used to purchase or rent houses solely for the purpose of shelter; however the kind of house in which people live also affects their social lives, introducing all the members of the family to a certain type of sport or inspiring in residents to a love of nature or natural beauties. In addition, these houses offer their residents the opportunity to feel as if they are in holiday throughout the year and determine their social status.
Whether a building complex is earthquake resistant and whether the building complex provides its residents with necessary security services and comfort were the primary features that customers sought when purchasing houses five to 10 years ago. However, these features are no longer defined as distinguishing characteristics of a building complex and are now taken for granted.
Meanwhile, building complexes that appeal to the taste of middle- and upper middle-income groups now often encompass sports arenas, a swimming pool, a tennis court, a fitness center, a sauna and a spa. It is also possible to come across different, extraordinary sports facilities alien to most of us in these building complexes. In addition, construction companies spend huge sums of money for the landscaping of the gardens which are constructed to accord with the architecture and constitute one of the most crucial features of the complexes. Furthermore, the landscape gardening of these building complexes is not merely confined to grass, flowers and trees as they are comprised of wide-scale facilities including precious decorative plants, giant artificial lakes, cascades and bridges. Besides, the construction companies build replicas of Venice Channels and Bosporus in some of the building complexes. In addition, there are also some gardens, which are decorated in tandem with the eastern philosophy since Japan gardens and Zen gardens are no longer alien concepts to the residents of luxury building complexes in Turkey.
Meanwhile, there is no limit to luxury in the building complexes, which target upper segments of the society as these building complexes consist of immense social amenities which are nonexistent in the majority of the towns and cities of the country including a heliport, a riding club, marina and a special beach. These extensive social facilities herald a further transformation in the understanding of houses for the upcoming future.
All these social amenities increase the values of the building complexes and raise their usage costs considerably. Meanwhile, fitness centers, closed swimming pools, saunas, restaurants, cafes, which are portrayed as the common property of the building complexes, might turn out to be financial burdens to the building complexes unless the are run professionally.