Turkish Daily News

The consumer confidence index rose by 2.66 percent in July compared to one month earlier, according to official figures.
The index climbed to 77.01, the Turkish Statistical Institute, or TÜİK, announced on its Web site yesterday. The index was 75.01 in June.
The monthly consumer tendency survey, conducted by TÜİK with cooperation from the Central Bank, evaluates consumer behavior and expectations. The index indicates an optimistic outlook if the score is above 100 and a pessimistic outlook if the score is below 100.
The increase in the consumer confidence index resulted from improvement in consumers' assessments concerning their purchasing power in the present and near future, the general economic situation, job opportunities in the next three months, and the appropriateness of the present time for buying durable goods.
Subitems in the index showed purchasing power index rose from 71.08 to 72.03 in July as compared to June. The index that predicts purchasing power in the next period climbed from 72.98 to 74.86, TÜİK said.
Evaluation of the general economic situation for the next three months rose from 64.73 to 68.20 and the index for employment opportunities for the next six months was increased from 72.87 to 73.30, according to the data. The index measuring the appropriateness of the present period for purchasing durable goods was up from 93.41 to 96.26, TÜİK said.