The chairman of the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers, or ZMO, has criticized a recent decision to privatize the Yalova Atatürk Agricultural Enterprise.
ZMO, currently belongs to the Agricultural Enterprises General Directorate, or TİGEM, which will continue to have operating rights to the agricultural enterprise according to the decision. Gökhan Günaydın underlined that the decision concerning the privatization of immovable assets belonging to the Yalova Atatürk Agricultural Enterprise was published in the Official Gazette and hence had came into force. �Those who have an eye on the fertile lands have made use of a different method to transgress the legal decisions,� Günaydın said.
�TİGEM will continue to have the operating rights to the agricultural enterprise, while the immovable assets belonging to the agricultural enterprise will be privatized within a year according the decision by the Prime Ministry's Supreme Privatization Board (OYK). Hence, the document, which underlines that TİGEM will be eligible for the operating right of the agricultural enterprise, aims at misguiding public opinion,� Günaydın said.
�The land will be opened to settlement in the aftermath of the privatization process, in contradiction of the will of [Mustafa Kemal] Atatürk (founder of the Turkish Republic). This process might in turn pave the way for the opening of the area to Gulf capital and the construction of the hotels financed by Gulf capital,� he added.
Günaydın also noted that ZMO will apply to the court for the abrogation of OYK's decision.
Atatürk established the farm in Yalova by purchasing the land and administered the farm himself until 1937. Afterwards, he handed the land over to the nation for farming and growing of fruit. Authorities wanted to sell off the land in 2005; however the Tarım-İş Union and ZMO applied to the court and prevented the disposal of the land.