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Isolated regions of Turkey can receive imported electricity under new regulations valid through through Dec. 31, 2010, according to a recent arrangement.
The modifications to be made to the electricity market's import and export regulations by the Energy Market Regulatory Agency became effective upon appearing in Friday's Official Gazette.
The new regulations can be renewed if required by the ruling of the committee.
Furthermore, the definitions of �conduction facility,� �supplier� and �international interconnection terms� have been changed with the regulation.
Conduction facilities are now defined as the facilities beginning from places of output facilities connected through the voltage levels above 36 kilovolts to the connections of distribution facilities of conduction switching zones, including medium voltage sets, according to the regulation.
Suppliers are defined as production companies, autoproducers, autoproducer groups, bulk sale companies and the companies that have retail sale licenses, according to the regulation.
An international interconnection is defined as the interconnection that will be provided between the national electrical system and other countries' electrical systems by using either synchronic parallel, asynchronic parallel, unit directing methods, or supplying an isolated region in a neighboring country.