ISTANBUL - Hürriyet

Anadolu Efes, Turkey's largest brewer, said it has agreed to purchase the Tekel beer brand from the country's biggest spirits maker, Mey Alcoholic Beverages.
The companies will complete the transaction upon approval from the Competition Authority, Anadolu Efes said in a filing with the Istanbul Stock Exchange, or IMKB, on Aug. 15 after the markets closed. Mey had previously announced its decision to leave beer production. The firm has not brewed beer for the last two years.
The Anadolu Group paid YTL 4.5 million for Tekel beer, according to anonymous resources close to the two companies. It is said that Mey, which had determined a higher value for Tekel beer, accepted the final amount to secure the survival of the brand.
The recipe of Tekel beer, Turkey's oldest and cult beer brand that started production in 1890, had been transferred orally up until now. The recipe was written down for the first time with its sale to Anadolu Group.

Market share
Tekel beer has a 1 percent share in Turkey's beer market, and produces 800-900 million liters annually, said Galip Yorgancıoğlu, chief executive officer of Mey.
That the beer, normally sold only at selected market chains, special nightclubs and pubs, has not been available in the market for the last two years has displeased many people, he said. �I suppose Anadolu Group will also pursue a �rarity' strategy, which is the proper one. They may increase production a bit. We could not produce even if we wanted to. It depends on their decision; but if I were in their shoes, I would follow the cult brand tradition.�
Defining Tekel beer as a �treasure,� Mey's chief executive said the firm is handing it over to secure hands. During the two years in which the beer was absent from the market, there was a huge demand from consumers for the beer, said Yorgancıoğlu.
Mey had renewed the bottle of Tekel beer after acquiring the alcoholic beverages unit of Turkey's alcohol and tobacco monopoly, known as Tekel. The Anadolu Group said it will stick with the new bottle, which uses one of Tekel's oldest logos.