ANKARA – Turkish Daily News

The main opposition party challenged yesterday the government's authority to amend the Constitution following the top court's decision in the closure case last month.
During a press conference in Parliament, Republican People's Party, or CHP, parliamentary group leader Kemal Anadol reminded reporters that the Constitutional Court's 10 members had decided the AKP had become a focal point of anti-secular activity in its decision released last month.
�The Constitutional Court's decision proved that the AKP is a focal point for anti-secular activities. The AKP holds the parliamentary majority. Consenting to their demands of constitutional change is trusting the sheep to wolf,� he maintained.
The CHP's leader, Deniz Baykal, argued Monday that his party's accusations against the AKP of being a focal point of anti-secular activities, which were made at a political level, were legally confirmed by the court decision.
Parliament Speaker Köksal Toptan discussed constitutional amendments for the new legislative term commencing Oct. 1 with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Monday.
�We know what will follow next. They will make the Parliament elect Constitutional Court members and will call it a law reform,� Anadol claimed.
His statements came as the government yesterday leaked the draft of its third national program, which includes several constitutional amendments promoting integration with the European Union.

�Property should be laid bare'
Anadol also urged AKP deputy leader Şaban Dişli to produce a declaration of his property. Last week the CHP's Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu accused Dişli of arranging a zoning-status change in favor of a company he worked for earlier in return for $1 million. Kılıçdaroğlu had called for Parliament Speaker Köksal Toptan to reveal Dişli's assets, but the speaker's office stated that it does not have the authority to reveal Dişli's property.
�After all these allegations, we can not force him to declare his property. Dişli should be ashamed of himself,� Anadol maintained.
AKP regulations oblige members of its founders' board to give a list of their property to the party leader one month after they start, Anadol noted. He underlined that Dişli's declaration of property should not only be found in Parliament but also with the AKP's leader. �Erdoğan should follow his regulations. Claims on Dişli's deal are more than rumors. Kılıçdaroğlu documented a deal with Dişli's own signature. AKP argues that it attacks corruption wherever it leads. It leads to your own deputy,� Anadol said.
Dişli earlier accepted that the signature is indeed his but denied that the $1 million was a bribe.