ANKARA - TDN Parliament Bureau

The Kastamonu deputy from the Nationalist Movement Party, or MHP, Mehmet Serdaroğlu yesterday denied claims that he has been working on a draft bill to bring back the death penalty, which was abolished by Parliament in 2002.
It was alleged earlier that Serdaroğlu signaled drafting a proposal in favor of bringing back the death penalty during a closed debate among some MHP members while the majority of the party's members had remained cool to the idea.
�I wish there was a proposal. It would have been good to have one. But there is no such thing. I have not been preparing anything. If I had a proposal, why would I deny it? It is not an infamous crime,� said Serdaroğlu. While admitting that there had been a debate on the issue a few months ago, he said nobody has initiated any proposal to reintroduce the death penalty since then.
Meanwhile, some sources insisted that Serdaroğlu submitted a draft to allow the death penalty in cases of crimes related to terrorism, war and voluntary manslaughter, however, the draft was never processed by the MHP.
The death penalty in Turkey was abolished by a three-party coalition government led by the Democratic Left Party, or DSP, leader Bülent Ecevit, becoming a crucial symbol of European Union-oriented reforms. Coalition partner MHP did not block the government in going ahead with the proposal but had voted against it. Serdaroğlu was among the MHP deputies who had voted against abolishing the death penalty.