ISTANBUL - Hürriyet

Although the production of alcoholic beverages increased in 2008, the fall in official consumption has attracted attention in Turkey. A banderole practice began November 2007 to combat the counterfeit production, but reflected negatively on consumption.
According to the report of Nielsen - a company that analyzes sectors' performances - in the first half of 2008, consumption of alcoholic beverages decreased by 12 percent. The report revealed that this year's decline is ten fold on last year's. Nielson analysts state that this fall is a result of the 23.8 percent increase in alcohol prices, as well as the banderole practice.
The Tobacco Products and Alcoholic Beverages Market Regulatory Authority's, known by its Turkish acronym TAPDK, data announced that supply in the first quarter of 2008 shows that the production of wine, rakı, Turkey's national alcoholic beverage, and beer stands out. Wine production doubled compared to the first quarter of 2007. Beer production increased 17 percent reaching 200 million liters, and rakı production reached 11.3 million liters, with a rise of 27 percent.