ISTANBUL – TDN with wire dispatches

The older brother of one of the main suspects in the murder of journalist Hrant Dink was detained by police yesterday. Osman Hayal was detained for being in Istanbul when a teenage nationalist shot dead the journalist Jan. 19, 2007, the Doğan news agency reported. The younger brother, Yasin Hayal, is one of the main suspects in the murder trial and is accused of instigating the assassination. The gunman and the Hayal brothers are all from the Black Sea province of Trabzon. The gunman had come to Istanbul to shoot the journalist and was captured as he was returning home. Doğan said there was suspicion Osman Hayal's phone was used in Istanbul at the time of the attack. Dink was found guilty of insulting Turkishness and received a suspended sentence for an article he wrote in the Armenian weekly Agos. The prosecution of Dink, based on controversial Article 301 of the penal code, was criticized by human rights organization and, when arrested, the teenage gunman said he killed Dink because he insulted the country. When the teenager was arrested, it was argued that he could not have organized such an act alone, and 17 arrests followed as part of the investigation. Yasin Hayal was seen as one of the �big brothers� who could have instigated the murder.