ANKARA - TDN Parliament Bureau

Deputy parliamentary group leader of the Republican People's Party, or CHP, has harshly criticized President Abdullah Gül for his pardon of former Welfare Party, or RP, leader Necmettin Erbakan.
Speaking at a press conference in Parliament yesterday, Kemal Anadol said he was not questioning the medical reports relating to Erbakan's health but criticizing Gül for only taking into account Erbakan's situation and not that of other sentenced people. He argued that Gül pardoned Erkaban only because they are both in the same camp.
�There are 42 prisoners who are in worse condition than Erbakan. Some of them are cancer patients while the rest suffer from other illnesses. However, if Gül remembers only Erbakan, let him do. They are the comrades of the same lawsuit,� he said, noting that Gül was also involved in the �lost trillion case� that led to Erbakan's house arrest. �If Mr. Gül were not the president, he would be in jail now,� Anadol argued.
When asked about the Treasury's failure to collect money from Erbakan, who was fined in the case, Anadol reminded the press that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's acquittal had not yet been appealed. �The same negligence is seen in this case as well,� he added.
The suit was filed against Erdoğan claiming that he received unjustified income.

Enough of Ahmadinejad and Al-Bashir
Anadol also lashed out at Erdoğan, urging him to take action to solve the problems of hazelnut growers. Anadol claimed that the Justice and Development Party, or AKP, remembers nut producers in election years but forgets about them afterwards.
�The time they spent with Ahmadinejad and Al-Bashir is enough. He should deal with domestic problems; he should think about hazelnuts,� Anadol said.
He pointed at the ambiguity of the bottom prices of hazelnuts and of the effect on hazelnut producers. �Neither who will purchase hazelnuts nor how much will he pay is certain. Thus hazelnut growers had to sell their products at YTL 3 in Giresun and YTL 2.7 in Ordu due to financial problems,� he maintained.