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Exhibitions displaying Turkey's historic heritage are being shown around the world, using precious artwork to heighten awareness about the country, past and present.
The Culture and Tourism Ministry is bringing together unique artwork from Turkey's various museums for exhibitions in Spain, Sweden, England, Germany, the United States and Qatar
An exhibition that opened Aug. 17 at Dortmund Museum of Art and Culture History in Germany focuses on the increasing closeness of Turkish and German cultures following the 1960s migration of Turkish workers to the country. The exhibition, titled �Yes-Ja, Ich Will! Wedding Culture and Fashion from 1800s to Today: A German-Turk Encounter,� displays the similarities between Turkish and German weddings. It reminds visitors of the old traditions which are being forgotten. The exhibition may also provide wedding ideas to couples planning to marry soon.
The exhibition, to be open through Jan. 25, consists of 272 work of arts selected from Ankara Ethnography Museum, Istanbul Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, Topkapı Palace, private museums and collections and some German museums.

Anatolia exhibition in the US
New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, which displays nearly 2 million works from the prehistoric period to now, will start exhibiting artworks from Anatolia's rich heritage starting Nov. 17.
The exhibition, titled �Beyond Babylon: Art and International Change in 2,000 B.C.," is expected to draw a great deal of interest from visitors to the museum, who numbered 5.2 million last year. The exhibition will feature artifacts from powerful civilizations like the Hittites as well as examples of international relations and art in 2,000 B.C. It will also show that Turkey remains a bridge between the East and the West in both a geographic and cultural sense.
A total of 122 works of art from Ankara, Çorum, Kayseri, Istanbul, Konya and Bodrum museums will be sent to the exhibition, which will be open through March 15 of next year.
An exhibition titled �Beyond Borders,� featuring cultural intersections in Islamic art, will be on display as of Nov. 22 in Qatar, which has recently been investing in culture in the region through projects like forming a symphony orchestra.
The exhibition will open at the Doha Islamic Arts Museum with the participation of many presidents and government officials. It will also bring together selected artworks from significant museums in the world like British Museum, Louvre, Metropolitan, Berlin Islamic Art and Dar Al Ather.

Interest in exhibitions
The exhibition �Hadrian: Empire and Conflict,� which has been on display at London's British Museum since July 24, still draws visitors. Displaying art from many different countries, the exhibition's most striking pieces are the head of Hadrian and two statue legs that were found in the ancient city of Burdur Sagalasos in 2007.
Another exhibition, titled �Porcelains from Topkapı Palace and Turkish Islamic Arts Museum,� which ended last week at the Mediterranean Museum in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, received interest from visitors.
In three months more than 18,100 people visited the exhibition �Lines in Gold: Ottoman Calligraphy Art from the Sakıp Sabancı" that was on display this year at Real Academia de Bellas Artes de Fernando, or RABASF, in Spain's capital. The same exhibition was visited by 215,074 people over a two-month period in Sevilla Real Alcazar.