ISTANBUL – TDN with wire dispatches

Forest fires started again yesterday in the Aegean province of Muğla, shortly after a fire that scorched 150 hectares of land Saturday had been brought under control. The fires started when the area was hit by a streak of lightening, reported private TV channel CNN-Türk. The fire started in the Yılanlı neighborhood Saturday and continued all night due to the strong wind. The fire spread to the Özlüce village of Muğla yesterday morning, reported NTV news channel yesterday. Although the fire was partially controlled after the teams responded with helicopters and from land yesterday, it restarted in the Sarıkaya and Killik neighborhoods, reported CNN-Türk. Four helicopters operated to extinguish the fire at those two points. �The fire is still volatile because of the steep and uneven land. We are trying to control the fire completely before the sun goes down,� said İbrahim Aydın, the head of Muğla Forest Department.A total of seven helicopters, 84 sprinklers and 850 forest workers and citizens who reside in the neighboring villages worked to extinguish the fire, reported NTV.One firefighting vehicle that was stuck in the fire burned completely and another was partially damaged. The forest worker who drove the vehicle was harmed by the fumes from the smoke and sent to hospital.