The Palladium Shopping Center will open its doors in September in Kozyatağı's Yenisahra region, located on the Asian side of Istanbul.
Ergün Mimarlık is undertaking the architecture of the project while Nida İnşaat is responsible for the project management, which spans 205,000 square meters of land and also includes a 32-story residential complex.
Kozken İnşaat, which is established with the partnership of Tahincioğlu Real Estate, Gençoğlu and Nora, is undertaking the construction of the project. The company started the construction of the project in 2006 and plans to complete it prior to Ramazan Bayramı, the feast celebrated at the end of the holy month Ramadan.
AVM MFİ Partners, which is a partner of German Management Für Immobilien, is undertaking the rental services of the shopping center, which has a 40,000-square-meter leasable area. AVM MFİ Partners will also undertake the administration of the shopping center, which will serve the customers with 160 stores.
The company aims to appeal to the taste of 3 million customers and expects to reach a yearly turnover of 200 million euros. The four-story shopping center, which also includes a parking garage with a 2,500-vehicle capacity, will provide its customers parking garage services for free. The expectation is that 30,000 to 35,000 people will visit the shopping center during weekdays, while the shopping center is expected to host 40,000 to 45,000 visitors during weekends. In addition, it is anticipated that the shopping center will provide employment to 2,000 people after it is opened.
Palladium will host various famous brands including Darty, Carrefoursa, C&A, Mango, İpekyol, Koton, LCW, Marks&Spencer, Zara, Vakko Butik, Lacoste, Mavi Jeans, Gap, Jean Paul Gaultier, Mothercare, Carnevale, Calvin Klein, Brandroom, Guess, Hotiç, İnci, Kemal Tanca, Sephora, So Chic and Jival. Meanwhile, the shopping center will also include Kitchenette, Sushico, Midpoint, Pastarito, Starbucks, Cafe Nero, Mars Sinemaları and D&R.
In addition Trusardi, Bebe and Banana Republic will open their first stores on the Asian side of the city in the center.