ERZİNCAN - Doğan News Agency

Luxury villas are being constructed on the outskirts of the Munzur mountains, an area in eastern Anatolia bordered by the provinces of Erzincan and Tunceli.
A total of 15 villas have been built in the region as part of the project, said Muammer Oğuz, mayor of Erzincan's Yaylabaşı town and a member of the ruling Justice and Development Party, or AKP. �A total of 42 more villas will be constructed on the outskirts of Munzur mountains for now.
�We have first prepared the infrastructure of the project and then started to build these villas. We have removed the painful memories of the terror incidents, which engulfed the region in the previous years via this project,� Oğuz said.
Yaylabaşı, which is located 10 kilometers from Erzincan, stands out with its natural beauties. The municipality of the town bought 87,000 square meters of nonarable land two years ago and paid YTL 600 per acre. Afterwards, the municipality completed the infrastructure work of the region including potable water, sewage and road services. Yaylabaşı Municipality has launched the �Villa Kent� project in the region and later zoned the land for construction only for those who would like to build villas on the region. The municipality, which sells per acres of the land for YTL 6,000, has obtained revenue of YTL 135,000 from these sales until now.
�Villas rise on the land which was previously remembered with regrettable terrorist incidents. Duplex villas are sold at YTL 200,000, while triplex villas are sold at YTL 300,000,� said Oğuz. �We have managed to provide revenues for our municipality and sought to remove the scars of terror by means of this villa project. These villas have altered the silhouette of our town,� he added.