NEW YORK - Anatolia News Agency

Turkey is the favorite destination of Brooklyn, New York's borough president. In a short interview in the New York Post's travel section, when asked for his favorite place on earth apart from Brooklyn, Marty Markowitz said he adored Turkey.
Noting that Brooklyn had the largest Turkish population in the country, Markowitz said there were a lot of similarities between Turkey and Brooklyn. He talked of how Turkish food was healthy and not fattening, adding, �How can you not love a place that you can go there, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, come home and you don't gain a pound? I love it!�
When asked what he does when he can't make it to Turkey, Markowitz said he loved Aruba but he mostly spends his vacations on Coney Island.
Markowitz is known for his close relationship with the Turkish community in Brooklyn and often participates in events organized by the Turkish-American community.