Thai anti-government breaks into PM office Thousands of anti-government demonstrators pushed into the Thai prime minister's office compound and rallied outside several ministries, and a violent masked mob from the same group forced a state-run TV off the air yesterday. The right-wing People's Alliance for Democracy said that its actions aim to oust the elected government of Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej.
BANGKOK - The Associated Press
Brazil's natives suffering 'critical' woes
A UN special rapporteur on indigenous rights urged Brazil to do more to overturn "critical" health, educational and economic deficiencies. James Anaya, a US scholar descended from Apaches, said that while Brazil had made recent legislative advances in addressing the problems faced by 460,000 natives in a population of 190 million.
BRASILIA - Agence France-Presse
Zimbabwe opens parliament
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe opened parliament in defiance of opposition objections yesterday and said there was "every expectation" of a power-sharing deal to end a post-election political crisis. But parliamentarians from the Movement for Democratic Change booed "ZANU is rotten!" Mugabe has been holding the executive power since 1980.
HRE - Reuters
Africans missing in boat off Spain
A group of African migrants, rescued off Spain's coast, said that they had to throw the bodies of 25 companions overboard as their overcrowded boat drifted for days in the Mediterranean, government officials said on yesterday. A container ship found 25 people aboard the half submerged inflatable dinghy on Monday and took them to the southern Spanish port of Malaga.
MADRID - Reuters
Philippine gov't to ask Blair & Sweden to help
President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo stated yesterday that the gov't will ask former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Sweden to lend their expertise in negotiating with rebels to end the conflict. She said Blair was willing to help, because he played a strong part in the negotiations with N. Ireland; while Sweden will help disarmament and demobilization.
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600 police keep Romanian rival gangs apart
Some 600 police were deployed to prevent clashes in a southern Romanian city yesterday, after a gang leader was killed in a poker game. Police spokeswoman Florentina Popescu said the police were sent, after Mihai Parvu was shot by a partner, over suspicions of cheating. Dozens of rival gangsters gathered outside the main hospital in Craiova.
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