Ali Atmaca
Denizli-Anatolia News Agency

Doctors are alleged to have mistakenly performed a hysterectomy on the wrong woman at the state hospital of Denizli, a province in the Aegean region of Turkey. Reports say the woman was scheduled to undergo a urinary tract operation when doctors instead performed an operation to remove her uterus.
The operating team reportedly mixed E.Ç., 36, with another patient who was in the room next door, and who was supposed to undergo the hysterectomy. The two women reportedly have the same first names and similar surnames.
After E.Ç reportedly appealed to the office of public prosecutions, the hospital's management asked authorities to launch an investigation of Ü.Y. and M.Ç., two doctors who performed the operation, as well as the rest of the surgical team.
Ramazan Canural, head physician at the public hospital of Denizli, confirmed the report. He said on Aug. 13 the doctors planned to perform consecutive operations on two patients.
Further, when attendants called E.Ç. only by her name just before the hysterectomy was to take place, the other E.Ç., who was waiting to undergo an operation on her urinary tract, reportedly said, �It's me,� resulting in the mistake, according to Canural.
�Pre-operation procedures that are complied with in all modern hospitals of the world have been violated at our hospital. We have had a legal investigation launched regarding the team that performed the operation. The office of the public prosecutions has also been investigating the case. We have also called inspectors from the Health Ministry,� said Canural. But as long as the investigation is not completed, the doctors will not be dismissed, he added.