An Algerian man has spurned his wife for fantasising about an affair with the star of a Turkish soap opera which has riveted audiences here all summer, the Arab daily Ech-chourrouk reported Saturday.
The 40-year-old man reportedly demanded a divorce after his wife confided in a neighbour that she would like to have an affair "if only in her dreams" with Mohannad, hero of the soap "Nour."
The ******* which is dubbed into Arabic and broadcast by the Saudi satellite television MBC, has attracted a huge following, to the extent that Algerian women refuse to leave their television sets after it begins at dinner time, at 7:30 pm
According to the newspaper, the woman in the Sidi Bel Abbes region, 440 kilometres west of Algiers told her neighbour she would like to spend a night with the actor, even in her dreams, because she had fallen in love with him and considered him her ideal man.
Her disgruntled spouse found out and immediately demanded a divorce.
The Turkish soap opera, which has had Algerians on the edge of their seats, follows the ups and downs of a couple torn between traditional and modern values.
According to the paper, the televison series has already caused several marriage breakdowns in Algeria.
The actor who plays Mohannad, 24-year-old blonde and blue-eyed Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, has become the idol of Algerian women to the chagrin of their menfolk.