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Another shocking allegation in the Ergenekon case came late Thursday, when the mother of a Susurluk prisoner claimed the gang employed her son in more than 90 murders in the name of the state.

Nurhan Yorulmaz is the mother of Oğuz Yorulmaz, a former Turkish Special Forces member convicted of involvement in the Susurluk scandal, who was murdered in a bar fight in 2005.
Speaking to private Star television, Yorulmaz claimed Ergenekon was a gang founded by the state. �Not only military officials but also politicians were part of Ergenekon. They killed several Kurdish businessmen like Ömer Lütfi Topal, Savaş Buldan and Bahçet Cantürk, for allegedly supporting the PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party),� she claimed. �My son was a Special Forces member; he only followed orders. The state established this gang. I suspect they killed my son too,� she continued.
The Ergenekon case was launched after the discovery June 12, 2007 of 27 hand grenades in a house in Istanbul's Ümraniye district belonging to a retired noncommissioned officer. Over 100 journalists as well as several high ranking retired military officers and gang leaders have been detained throughout the investigation.
The car accident in Susurluk in 1996 revealed the presence of a former police chief, high profile criminal Abdullah Çatlı, and Sedat Bucak, a Kurdish landlord and deputy of the True Path Party, or DYP, all in the same car, along with several weapons and identity cards, exposing a link between police, mafia and politicians.
Yorulmaz claimed her son got orders from retired Major Gen. Veli Küçük, a suspect in the Ergenekon case, and that Küçük was not at the top of the gang. �(Former Prime Minister) Tansu Çiller, (former Interior Minister) Mehmet Ağar were both involved,� she maintained.
Moreover Yorulmaz said Metin Vural, one of the suspects in the murder of Motherland Party, or ANAP, deputy Alparslan Pehlivalı, was also killed by his son after the then prime minister asked Abdullah Çatlı to take revenge upon the killers.