ISTANBUL - Hürriyet

Cer Yapı's GalaTown project, which is made up of 600 five-storey houses along with a residence tower containing 80 flats, a shopping center and a boutique hotel, aims to alter the silhouette of İzmit's Bayramoğlu district. The project, which occupies an area of 66,000 square meters, encompasses houses with sizes ranging from 78 square meters to 236 square meters. There are 14 different types of houses on the project with 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 normal plans and 3+1 duplex plans. Meanwhile, house prices on the project, excluding Value Added Tax, or KDV, vary between YTL 112,303 to YTL 309,100.
The company is targeting those who work in the Gebze Organized Industrial Zone, or GOSB, throughout the year, including both white-collar and blue-collar workers.
�Green areas make up 65 percent of the project,� said Aydın Sanmanlı, general manager of Cer Yapı. �We started the project in January 2007, people will start moving into their houses from May 2009 onwards and the project will be completed totally toward the end of 2010,� Sanmanlı said.